Video phones are still not HOT. Why not?

Conference calls are a way of life these days.The SJN Sales IT security and managed services teams have no less than two dozen conference calls planned in an average week. The advantages of linking people across geography, and companies, without schlepping on Southwest are well known. These advantages make most people’s jobs far more pleasant than in the old, on-the-road-again, days. Document sharing and other productivity enhancements have made even more meetings possible to effectively do on remote. Wouldn’t adding face-to-face video, to our conference call solutions be a great addition?

Every few years we, at SJN hear, that the new, hot, CES  new-product showcase announcement is for the video conferencing/video phone solution, that will overcome decades of category failures, and bring each and every one of us into the full video linked future. From time to time, over the years, SJN Sales has even taken on video conferencing innovators, as clients. Yes, we’ve made some sales for these pioneers. But in no case has a video communication solution broken through the, generally unspoken, objections of users.

One veteran sales traveler, and daily conference caller, theorizes that the reason none of the true video-call solutions has ever taken over the market is because finessing the voice only aspects of conference calls is plenty to manage, without also worrying about video gaffes. She’s got a point. We heard the puppy and the spouse, but at least the prospect did not have the additional image of seeing the actors in their fuzzy robes. In other words, we business users, are well aware that we make early morning calls in our torn William & Mary sweats. We also guess that you’re not in your pin-striped suit at 6 am local time, either. And, everyone benefits from going without the images that sharing our odd-hours wardrobes and home office decorations via video would convey.

Many top professionals work from home the majority of the time and have greater productivity and success to show for it. So far, so good. Everyone wins with accessibility and fewer hours in the car. Conference calling tools allow real-time information exchange and an almost unlimited number of participants. So to you, the next video conferencing pioneer who needs a sales team, we know that you are right — Video would change our lives.  Let’s schedule a conference call and talk about your solution. I’ll put a post-it over my camera unless you want to wait until I’m back in the office a week from Tuesday.


Monday Fun

SJN Sales is based in Albuquerque but we have staff and clients distributed across North America. Some of us live, work, or originate from Seattle Washington — home to the best downtown public library in the land.

We generally avoid cute cats and other random visuals on the SJN sales blogs, but recent reviews, and one SJN client complaint, have let us know that maybe we’re being a tad too serious during the warm summer months sales season.

So for Brad and our client, Joel, who said we don’t have enough fun, forward-able stuff, on our blogs, here is the Guiness World record shattering book domino video, from the venerable, and always creative, Seattle Public Library. Hat-tip to our friends at Mashable who ran this really fun item,

Happy Monday.

SJN sales teams are organized by vertical market rather than geography. Check out or give us a call if you would like to build revenue, on a performance basis, without adding headcount.

Facebook. Old news, new ads, and a reminder about how money is made.

Kudos to Kevin Morris at the Daily Dot for the succinct and entirely accurate description of the junk take-over of Facebook. SJN Sales spends less and less time, and fewer resources, participating on Facebook because the spam and chuckle-headed content control has entirely dominated the pages of our company and our staff.

The SJN Albuquerque office manager has returned to our long-time communication and update tools: email, texts, and the good-old telephone because Facebook messaging is now too much trouble for on the road sales team members. They simply don’t have the time or bandwidth on their mobile devices to meander through a thicket of irrelevant ads and notifications of 600 new followers who want to play games or exchange pictures.

SJN sales people at trade shows and conventions have also noticed a highly noticeable downturn in the number of contacts and show floor meet-ups that ask for, or use, Facebook as a connection tool. This is a major trend from both of the past two years where our outsourced sales teams pretty much demanded FaceBook pages and Marcom support because prospects requested it, daily.

My favorite teenager tells me that the target teens, and key college age users, are abandoning FaceBoook in droves because it’s “full of so many lame ads, I can’t find my friends pictures and stuff.” SJN salespeople,  interns, and staff on every team from healthcare, to legal sales, to, yes social media solutions, are de-friending FaceBook, or at least ignoring it for longer and longer time periods, for similar reasons.

As a business the SJN team has always preferred the relatively professional environment provided by LinkedIn groups. But, LinkedIn too is moving toward monetizing a content farm full of useless video and other irrelevant advertorial as well. We are hoping that LinkedIn will learn from the hoodie crowd at Facebook, that spam and crud control is a key part of keeping LinkedIn networking groups relevant to real professionals.

Yes, social media is a business. And yes, as an outsourced sales company, SJN Sales believes that virtually any new tool, used well, is a great idea and generally good for business. think some aspects of social media are under appreciated as the important business tools, they have become. That said, we geeks who read TOS, know that Facebook and the other social sites have given themselves virtually unlimited permission to re-market their users, our data, and our connections. There is really only short-sighted, short-term revenue goosing to blame for the swarming of ads and advertorial.

There is an element of short-term myopia, and unfettered greed, in adding 80% advertising to my timeline and wall, and the asking SJN and other companies, and charities including the Girl Scouts, to pay extra to promote a post, perhaps for our upcoming events, up out of the unwanted advertising clutter.

Big Data collection and aggregation is the underlying revenue bonanza for “free” social platforms. Like it or hate it. The long-run money will be on the perfectly legal tracking of who plays games, buys gifts, life events, etc. If your company has one of these new social tracking or management solutions, our social and data sales teams would love to speak with you.

So spare me the clutter Facebook Learn to target better quick (I’m a lousy lead for baby clothes, even though I bought a gift recently). In sum, grow up before you alienate the whole Facebook universe, from Tweenager, to CEO, to Grandma.

SJN Sales Affirmation for Wednesdays in May 2013

SJN Sales employs some of the most experienced technology and professional services people that I have ever met. Admittedly, with more than fifteen years of on-the-road experience as a minimum, we tend to be a bit set in our ways.

SJN clients benefit from the systems we have in place that everyone uses, our intake forms, our reporting formats, etc. but, we have a great deal of individual latitude to bring in sales for our clients using methods and tools that work for our individual style and for the peculiarities of the vertical markets that we serve. What works for deeply analytical Tracy, may not work for the get-in-touch with her prospect’s feelings, Ruth.

IT Security solutions and services sales tend to have a different cycle and expected conversational style than our education group, or legal services group, find effective.

So imagine my surprise today, when a colleague forwarded me the following, must-have offering, for a game changing app, that offers to make SJN salespeople superstars in our fields. It seems that after an average of eighteen years, each, developing industry contacts, reference clients, presentation styles, higher-end sales skills and qualification methods, all we need to do is “supercharge our minds” with a .99 app.

Sales Booster Affirmation

iOS UniversalThis extended affirmation is for sales people looking to supercharge their minds for supercharged performance. No career relies more on confidence and keeping your inner winner strong than sales.

Used regularly, Sales Booster will do just that. This upbeat audio includes numerous repetitions of the phrases “sales confidence” , “sales success”, and “more sales”.

Main affirmations:

1.I am a winner! I look like a winner! I act like a winner! I think like a winner! (repeats 5 times) You are a winner! You look like a winner! You act like a winner! You think like a winner! (repeats 5 times)

2.I plan to be the top sales person in my office and I am! (repeats 6 times) You plan to be the top sales person in your office and you are! (repeats 6 times)

3.I love the pressure of cold calling. The pressure sharpens my skills and gets me more sales! (repeats 6 times) You love the pressure of cold calling. The pressure sharpens your skills and gets you more sales.

4.I win deals because I am the best sales person. Product and price are only added benefits to doing business with me. (repeats 3 times) You win deals because you are the best sales person. Product and price are only added benefits to doing business with you. (repeats 3 times)
5.My company sets my quota, but I set my goals. I see myself surpassing my quota each and every month! (repeats 1 time) Your company sets your quota, but you set your goals. You see yourself surpassing your quota each and every month! (repeats 1 time)

We human beings think between 12,000 and 60,000 thoughts per day. Researchers indicate that a very high percentage of these thoughts are negative and a similarly high percentage are the same thoughts we had yesterday.

If unchecked, this combination creates a pattern of habitual negative thinking. Because your thoughts create your reality, this process becomes an unconscious cause of your stress, unhappiness, and disempowerment.

The principle behind affirmations is simple. Affirmations are a thought replacement tool. They help you become conscious of the thoughts you’re thinking and replace habitually negative thoughts with habitually positive ones.

The duel engines of affirmations are repetition and belief. Your negative thoughts have been working on you for a long time and saying or listening to affirmations does not instantly change them. You have to give the positive thoughts time to sink in. The process is very similar to an exercise program. At first the exercise hurts, then it feels good, then it transforms your body. Affirmations do the same for the mind.

What’s new

New version fixes bugs while running under iOS 5.

AT SJN Albuquerque, and at SJN sales offices distributed across North America, We each know what systems work to keep our personal sales up to snuff, and we don’t usually tinker too much with anyone’s special lucky eraser or call style. I don’t think our policy is likely to change based on the “Sales Booster Affirmation” app. Maybe some of our people secretly chant, “I am a winner” under their breath fifty times daily. But I’m willing to bet a newly invented coffee drink that what SJN sales people and SJN clients are whispering silently, is the sales revenue number from last quarter, that they are committed to beating.