Video phones are still not HOT. Why not?

Conference calls are a way of life these days.The SJN Sales IT security and managed services teams have no less than two dozen conference calls planned in an average week. The advantages of linking people across geography, and companies, without schlepping on Southwest are well known. These advantages make most people’s jobs far more pleasant than in the old, on-the-road-again, days. Document sharing and other productivity enhancements have made even more meetings possible to effectively do on remote. Wouldn’t adding face-to-face video, to our conference call solutions be a great addition?

Every few years we, at SJN hear, that the new, hot, CES  new-product showcase announcement is for the video conferencing/video phone solution, that will overcome decades of category failures, and bring each and every one of us into the full video linked future. From time to time, over the years, SJN Sales has even taken on video conferencing innovators, as clients. Yes, we’ve made some sales for these pioneers. But in no case has a video communication solution broken through the, generally unspoken, objections of users.

One veteran sales traveler, and daily conference caller, theorizes that the reason none of the true video-call solutions has ever taken over the market is because finessing the voice only aspects of conference calls is plenty to manage, without also worrying about video gaffes. She’s got a point. We heard the puppy and the spouse, but at least the prospect did not have the additional image of seeing the actors in their fuzzy robes. In other words, we business users, are well aware that we make early morning calls in our torn William & Mary sweats. We also guess that you’re not in your pin-striped suit at 6 am local time, either. And, everyone benefits from going without the images that sharing our odd-hours wardrobes and home office decorations via video would convey.

Many top professionals work from home the majority of the time and have greater productivity and success to show for it. So far, so good. Everyone wins with accessibility and fewer hours in the car. Conference calling tools allow real-time information exchange and an almost unlimited number of participants. So to you, the next video conferencing pioneer who needs a sales team, we know that you are right — Video would change our lives.  Let’s schedule a conference call and talk about your solution. I’ll put a post-it over my camera unless you want to wait until I’m back in the office a week from Tuesday.