Monday Fun

SJN Sales is based in Albuquerque but we have staff and clients distributed across North America. Some of us live, work, or originate from Seattle Washington — home to the best downtown public library in the land.

We generally avoid cute cats and other random visuals on the SJN sales blogs, but recent reviews, and one SJN client complaint, have let us know that maybe we’re being a tad too serious during the warm summer months sales season.

So for Brad and our client, Joel, who said we don’t have enough fun, forward-able stuff, on our blogs, here is the Guiness World record shattering book domino video, from the venerable, and always creative, Seattle Public Library. Hat-tip to our friends at Mashable who ran this really fun item,

Happy Monday.

SJN sales teams are organized by vertical market rather than geography. Check out or give us a call if you would like to build revenue, on a performance basis, without adding headcount.


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